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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My New Etsy Shop

Hi everybody! Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy New Year!!

I recently opened two Etsy shops and would like your feedback. If you haven't heard of Etsy, it's similar to Ebay but it isn't in auction style. Also the only things you can list for sale are handmade items, vintage items and/or supplies.

I am adding new (vintage) items each week so take a peek and see what you think. AND


Monday, October 25, 2010

Thrift Store With a Name!

I'm back from my blogging leave-of-absence and even though I've been thrifting, I haven't been to any new thrift stores. However..................yesterday my son told me that a friend of his was bragging about the best thrift store ever. Albert (my son) told him it couldn't beat the one we go to in Hollywood. So this friend - let's call him Paul, took Albert to his thrift store in Hialeah to prove to him this was the mother-load of thrift stores. As Albert was telling me the story he went into his room and dragged out a big white garbage bag. But there was no garbage in this garbage bag! Albert plucked stuff from the bag like a kid (he's 24) pulling his favorite toys from the toy box. The first and most exciting item for him was the pair of Versace shoes. They were in gently used condition and only $14. My son is a name-brand kinda' guy so to him, he had struck gold. I had to admit - they were nice. He also got some name-brand jeans, a baseball cap and some other bits and pieces. But his great find for the day was definitely the shoes.

I'm not a name-brand kinda' girl, unless I'm going to resell it, so I'm not likely going to drive all the way down to Hialeah to visit this amazing thrift store. If I'm in the area, I'll definitely stop and have a rummage. Who knows, I may find a Tiffany tiara!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Sunday Service

 This was a small store packed with a nice variety of stuff.  The prices were good and the staff very friendly.  And you're shopping for a good cause.  The proceeds go to help the needy and/or towards repairs to their church.

I've been on the lookout for teacups since my daughter told me she's having a tea party theme for her baby shower.  She is letting each guest take home a teacup.  I want pretty, dainty ones but don't want to spend more than $2. or $3.  Thrifty Treasures didn't let me down - I got this lovely cup/saucer for $2.

 I've also been looking for some pillows to match my t.s. couch set (pictured in March 16th post).  I found three and after my sweet sis-in-law, pictured below, took them home and steamed them with her fancy, schmancy washer, they look brand new!

The more I thrift, the more I learn.  What did I learn today?  I'll tell you.  No matter how small or scantily stocked the shelves may be, the smaller t.s.'s have some mighty fine stuff.  Is anyone looking for a wig - how bout' a head?

O.K., so you may not need a teacup, pillow or wig.  But come back next week and, more likely than not, you'll find something you need or want.  So don't shun the small shops!

They even let the kids have one toy of their choice - for FREE.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thrifting for Dogs and Cats!

This thrift store was small but packed with plenty of goodies and overflowing with love. 

I came across this shop online and decided I had to pay them a visit.  Being an animal lover I was drawn in by the fact that 100% of the proceeds go to the rescue of dogs and cats.  I’ve rescued and adopted several animals over the years and have a giant soft spot for neglected, abandoned and abused animals.

The manager greets her customers cheerfully and lets them know right off the bat that every purchase goes to helping rescued dogs and cats.  I could tell that in the short amount of time I was there Stacey gets a lot of repeat customers.  I know they come for the nice variety of unique, inexpensive items – and to help the animals, of course.  But I’m sure they also return because of Stacey’s perky personality.  You can tell she loves what she’s doing and that everyone’s patronage means so much to her.

If you see something you like, you’d better nab it.  Stacey says she gets a lot of donations but her merchandise sells very quickly.  So when I spotted the candlestick-matchbox holder, pictured below, I grabbed it.   I’ve been looking all over for one of those things!  Not really - I just thought it was so darn cute.  And I do burn a lot of candles and incense so it’ll be put to good use storing my matches.   

So please add Davie Thrift to your list of favorite thrift stores.  Just follow these 4 easy steps:

1.)    Clean out your garage, closets, drawers.
2.)    Donate your items to Davie Thrift.
3.)    While you’re there………………SHOP!
4.)    In a couple of weeks – repeat steps 1-3!!

HEADS UP:  If you decide to visit Davie Thrift, tell Stacey that the lady with the one-eyed cat says HI! 

p.s.  I also got this authentic French cup towel.  I saw them when I was in the south of France.  So every time I dry a dish, I'm whisked away to Cordes-sur-ciel!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jonesing for a Thrift Store!!

It's been two months since my last shopping spree - I needed a fix. I spotted a thrift store not far from my house and decided to ride my bike so I wouldn't have to pay for parking - hey, $1.00 could get me a very nice jigsaw puzzle with only three pieces missing!!

To my dismay the store was closed. So I peddled home, hopped in my car and went to my good old standby. They never let me down. It was half off purple-and-green-tag-day so I scanned the racks for those colors. I found a beautiful pair of chocolate colored, LizWear pants for $2.99 and the tag was purple!! They may not fit, I thought, but for $1.50, I'll take the chance.

O.K., I needed a purse to go with the pants so I sauntered over to the last aisle of the store.  There were more little purple and green tags waving at me along the way.  But I ignored them, anxious to nab that darling purse, that was calling my name, before someone beat me to it.  The wall was well stocked with purses of every color and style imaginable. I'm very picky though - my purses have to have the right length strap, not be too big, or too little, have enough pockets but not too many, and it can't be too deep. Oh yeah, and it has to be pretty. I spotted a lovely looking tapestry style bag that looked a bit like a knitting satchel. Everything was perfect about this bag...and the tag was green! AND it matched the new pants that I wasn't sure I would even be able to pull up over my big, fat ankles. Just kidding, my ankles are the only skinny part on me.

Any way, to make a long story a little bit longer, I bought the purse, went home and Googled the name on the label. OMG, I just got an eighty-two dollar bag for $2.50!! It's in good enough condition to sell on Ebay as 'gently used'. I know, I know - I got it to go with the pants. Well, the pants did fit but I'm sure I can find another purse - any excuse to go t.s. shopping. By the way, my daughter wasn't as fond of the purse. Here's what she had to say, and I quote, "I NEVER in a million years would have picked that purse up, let alone purchase it!" O.K., I think she hated it. Oh well, that's what makes horse-racing.

It wasn't a huge haul today but I believe very successful none-the-less. And I had fun.

                                           TOBY WESTON bag


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 cent Coffee And Entertainment!

That’s what I said – 5 cent coffee! And entertainment!!

I have only been to this store two times. But I am looking forward to returning. The first trip was on a weekday.

Upon entering I noticed a snack bar towards the back of the room. On the counter was a coffee urn with cups, sugar, creamer, etc. And then I spotted the sign “5 cent coffee”. It was a ‘help yourself’, ‘honor system’ kind of deal. I grappled with the idea of a cheap caffeine fix but elected to forgo the java and get to work combing the racks – you really need two hands to do a proper job. I figured I would get a cup later to give me a jolt of energy to work the back room.

Well, I never did get the coffee. I had been so absorbed in this new ‘happy hunting ground’ that it wasn’t until I heard the intercom – “we will be closing in 5 minutes” – that I realized I had been grazing for three hours! All of a sudden I was exhausted. My right arm was killing me from scooching hanger after hanger after hanger…….for THREE hours!!!!! Funny that I didn’t notice the pain until I had to stop shopping. I guess thrifting can be compared to a shot of morphine.

Anyhoo, I did go back on a Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by some live music. It was an odd attraction for a thrift store but it sure put me in a happy mood. In fact, I was so happy that I bought a 3-piece rattan set; couch, chair & ottoman. It was marked $250. But it was my lucky day- it was 50% off. Plus if you spend $50 or more, on any day, you get an extra $10 off. So I got this high quality furniture for $115.

Great store – gobs of stuff – unique atmosphere. But if you’re looking for knick-knacks, not a great choice. It was slim pickins’ in that department.

Now go forth and forage!

Heads Up:  Caution!  The act of 'Hanger Scooching' may cause Repetitive Stress Injury!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Money, You Say?

So, you love thrift store shopping?  So do I.  But what if you could make some money by digging through someone else’s discards?  Let me explain. 
I was obviously under the thrift-store-shopping spell as I not-so-methodically inched my way through three whole rooms filled with, with, with………………… STUFF!!  “Snap out of it, Roberta and get back to the point.”  Well, I spotted these darling, vintage, ladies gloves priced at $5.  And since this thrift store was having a  ‘½ Off Everything Day’ ( now you know why I was in a shoppers-paradise-stupor), I added them to my armful of goodies.  After four trips to the cashier and then to my car (no shopping carts or baskets) I was ready to go home and revel in my treasures. 
O.K., remember the gloves?  The gloves that I paid $2.50 for (1/2 off day)?  Well, even though I really liked them I had a feeling I would never wear them down here in sunny, south Florida so I decided to sell them on Ebay.  I was very happy when the winning bid brought me $12.50!!  Not a bad investment if I say so myself.    
I know there are lots of folks who have done the same thing and maybe even pocketed more of a profit but I was so tickled with myself I wanted to go right out and do it again.  So keep your eyes peeled for that vintage, name brand, or one-of-a-kind item and you too could make some cash – cash that you can invest in your thrift store addiction! 
Heads upThrift store shopping is better sans kids.  Kids can be distracting.  Or rather, shopping is distracting and you may forget you have kids!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gee, that top looks familiar!

I was lazily browsing through the peach colored tops - American Thrift is so nice to color coordinate everything - when I spotted a blouse that looked very familiar.  Oh yeah!!  That's the one I donated last week after cleaning out my closet so I could make room for more stuff from my favorite thrift stores.  Phew - I think that was a run-on sentence.

Any way, along with all their clothes being color coordinated, the tags are also color coded.  On certain days certain colors are half off.  And they have special senior days as well - which start at age 50 I believe.  Seniors sure are getting younger these days.  But I don't mind if it means 50% off!

This is one of my favorite stores so far.  They have a huge selection of clothes, shoes, toys, knick-knacks, scarves, purses.....and the list goes on.

Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
"Let's go camping!"