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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 cent Coffee And Entertainment!

That’s what I said – 5 cent coffee! And entertainment!!

I have only been to this store two times. But I am looking forward to returning. The first trip was on a weekday.

Upon entering I noticed a snack bar towards the back of the room. On the counter was a coffee urn with cups, sugar, creamer, etc. And then I spotted the sign “5 cent coffee”. It was a ‘help yourself’, ‘honor system’ kind of deal. I grappled with the idea of a cheap caffeine fix but elected to forgo the java and get to work combing the racks – you really need two hands to do a proper job. I figured I would get a cup later to give me a jolt of energy to work the back room.

Well, I never did get the coffee. I had been so absorbed in this new ‘happy hunting ground’ that it wasn’t until I heard the intercom – “we will be closing in 5 minutes” – that I realized I had been grazing for three hours! All of a sudden I was exhausted. My right arm was killing me from scooching hanger after hanger after hanger…….for THREE hours!!!!! Funny that I didn’t notice the pain until I had to stop shopping. I guess thrifting can be compared to a shot of morphine.

Anyhoo, I did go back on a Saturday and was pleasantly surprised by some live music. It was an odd attraction for a thrift store but it sure put me in a happy mood. In fact, I was so happy that I bought a 3-piece rattan set; couch, chair & ottoman. It was marked $250. But it was my lucky day- it was 50% off. Plus if you spend $50 or more, on any day, you get an extra $10 off. So I got this high quality furniture for $115.

Great store – gobs of stuff – unique atmosphere. But if you’re looking for knick-knacks, not a great choice. It was slim pickins’ in that department.

Now go forth and forage!

Heads Up:  Caution!  The act of 'Hanger Scooching' may cause Repetitive Stress Injury!

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  1. Love this thrift store, can't wait to get back myself.


Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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