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Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Money, You Say?

So, you love thrift store shopping?  So do I.  But what if you could make some money by digging through someone else’s discards?  Let me explain. 
I was obviously under the thrift-store-shopping spell as I not-so-methodically inched my way through three whole rooms filled with, with, with………………… STUFF!!  “Snap out of it, Roberta and get back to the point.”  Well, I spotted these darling, vintage, ladies gloves priced at $5.  And since this thrift store was having a  ‘½ Off Everything Day’ ( now you know why I was in a shoppers-paradise-stupor), I added them to my armful of goodies.  After four trips to the cashier and then to my car (no shopping carts or baskets) I was ready to go home and revel in my treasures. 
O.K., remember the gloves?  The gloves that I paid $2.50 for (1/2 off day)?  Well, even though I really liked them I had a feeling I would never wear them down here in sunny, south Florida so I decided to sell them on Ebay.  I was very happy when the winning bid brought me $12.50!!  Not a bad investment if I say so myself.    
I know there are lots of folks who have done the same thing and maybe even pocketed more of a profit but I was so tickled with myself I wanted to go right out and do it again.  So keep your eyes peeled for that vintage, name brand, or one-of-a-kind item and you too could make some cash – cash that you can invest in your thrift store addiction! 
Heads upThrift store shopping is better sans kids.  Kids can be distracting.  Or rather, shopping is distracting and you may forget you have kids!

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Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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