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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jonesing for a Thrift Store!!

It's been two months since my last shopping spree - I needed a fix. I spotted a thrift store not far from my house and decided to ride my bike so I wouldn't have to pay for parking - hey, $1.00 could get me a very nice jigsaw puzzle with only three pieces missing!!

To my dismay the store was closed. So I peddled home, hopped in my car and went to my good old standby. They never let me down. It was half off purple-and-green-tag-day so I scanned the racks for those colors. I found a beautiful pair of chocolate colored, LizWear pants for $2.99 and the tag was purple!! They may not fit, I thought, but for $1.50, I'll take the chance.

O.K., I needed a purse to go with the pants so I sauntered over to the last aisle of the store.  There were more little purple and green tags waving at me along the way.  But I ignored them, anxious to nab that darling purse, that was calling my name, before someone beat me to it.  The wall was well stocked with purses of every color and style imaginable. I'm very picky though - my purses have to have the right length strap, not be too big, or too little, have enough pockets but not too many, and it can't be too deep. Oh yeah, and it has to be pretty. I spotted a lovely looking tapestry style bag that looked a bit like a knitting satchel. Everything was perfect about this bag...and the tag was green! AND it matched the new pants that I wasn't sure I would even be able to pull up over my big, fat ankles. Just kidding, my ankles are the only skinny part on me.

Any way, to make a long story a little bit longer, I bought the purse, went home and Googled the name on the label. OMG, I just got an eighty-two dollar bag for $2.50!! It's in good enough condition to sell on Ebay as 'gently used'. I know, I know - I got it to go with the pants. Well, the pants did fit but I'm sure I can find another purse - any excuse to go t.s. shopping. By the way, my daughter wasn't as fond of the purse. Here's what she had to say, and I quote, "I NEVER in a million years would have picked that purse up, let alone purchase it!" O.K., I think she hated it. Oh well, that's what makes horse-racing.

It wasn't a huge haul today but I believe very successful none-the-less. And I had fun.

                                           TOBY WESTON bag



  1. Congratulations on your find and good luck with Ebay!

  2. OK there I am looking through the sewing patterns, like I really need them! Had no idea you snapped me.
    Yep, good luck on ebay with the purse, what a surprise find. I think you were drawn to it because it reminded you of France.


Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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