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Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Sunday Service

 This was a small store packed with a nice variety of stuff.  The prices were good and the staff very friendly.  And you're shopping for a good cause.  The proceeds go to help the needy and/or towards repairs to their church.

I've been on the lookout for teacups since my daughter told me she's having a tea party theme for her baby shower.  She is letting each guest take home a teacup.  I want pretty, dainty ones but don't want to spend more than $2. or $3.  Thrifty Treasures didn't let me down - I got this lovely cup/saucer for $2.

 I've also been looking for some pillows to match my t.s. couch set (pictured in March 16th post).  I found three and after my sweet sis-in-law, pictured below, took them home and steamed them with her fancy, schmancy washer, they look brand new!

The more I thrift, the more I learn.  What did I learn today?  I'll tell you.  No matter how small or scantily stocked the shelves may be, the smaller t.s.'s have some mighty fine stuff.  Is anyone looking for a wig - how bout' a head?

O.K., so you may not need a teacup, pillow or wig.  But come back next week and, more likely than not, you'll find something you need or want.  So don't shun the small shops!

They even let the kids have one toy of their choice - for FREE.

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  1. Can't decide if I want the wig or the head, love those fushia lips!


Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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