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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swanky Boca

Boca Raton is a chichi kind of town so I didn't think it would be a thrift-store-kind-of-place. But my boyfriend and I decided to check one out while on a leisurely drive. It was a little rich for my blood - classy town, classy thrift store. But I did spot something that attracted me like a gnat to an over-ripe peach. It was a bin marked 'Ties - 2 for $1.00'. Careful sifting snagged me two really nice ties. I moved on to the belts and picked up a cool one with fluorescent orange stripes. I thought it was worth $2. So, $3 and I was done. However, my boyfriend who was on the other side of the shop came across an item that he thought was quite spectacular. Instead of coming to look for me he shouted with a resounding, "ROBERTA!" Having attracted my and everyone elses attention, I skulked over to see what he had found. It turned out to be exactly what I had been looking for for weeks. I needed a piece of furniture to hold a very large t.v. I wanted something that looked more like my furniture than a stand that holds a t.v. What he found was a solid wood Ethan Allen table. It was marked $70 but was 50% off

and after a bit of haggling my boyfriend got it for $25.
Sooooo, I will say it was a very successful day. And if you're in the neighborhood, definitely pay them a visit.

HINT: Sometimes when our expectations aren't high, we're pleasantly surprised. Hence, don't judge a book by it's cover. Or don't judge a town's thrift store by the name of the town. I won't (again).

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Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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