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Monday, February 28, 2011

Star Trek Jewelry

I love thrifting. More often than I'd like to admit I drag stuff home that I don't need but was just to neat to pass up. Example: sea-anemone-alien clip-on earrings. Well, that's what they look like to me. I know I'll be able to use them one day; Halloween accessory, self-torture device (clip-ons hurt), a way to embarrass my son by wearing them in public........or I can just list them on my Etsy site and hope someone else loves them as much as I do.

This purchase was not the thriftiest of my thrifties - but if I sell them for $7, I'll be very pleased. If they don't sell, I'll keep them as a conversation piece. When left on the buffet, no one can help but pick them up and comment. My 18-year-old nephew - "Cool. Ugly but cool!"

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  1. Wow, those are amazing earrings! And you're right - clip-ons hurt. My favorite pair of earrings are clip-ons, but when I wear them I always end up taking them off before I get home - ouch!


Never Used - What a Deal!

Never Used - What a Deal!
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